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I had been suffering for years from pain on my upper back and hip and nothing had helped. From the first appointment Dr. Anderson assessed me, he indicated that he believed that he could help me with acupuncture but he also asked me if I suffered from any substances that I was allergic or sensitive to. I immediately say Yes.
He then told me I should try NAET a food sensitivity treatments.  We then initiated the treatments and by the time I was done my back pain was gone already. Today I'm feeling much better, most importantly I have my life back and when it comes to eating the foods I enjoy without fear that my body will reject them and cause inflammation, bloating and pain. I'm a true believer, it works!
Olga M. A.
Boca Raton, Florida

Satisfied Patients

My neck aches was not going away for weeks and I tried Chiropractic and massage with no success. Then a friend told me about Dr. Anderson, so I gave it a try.
I had an immediate relief right on the first session.  Very impressive!

Vilma M.

Pompano Beach, FL

Years of athletics have taken a toll on my body. Just about everything hurt.  Exercise at the gym was helping to keep me in shape but my main problem was my knees.  I have had cortisone and had recently been to a surgeon for a consultation for knee replacement.  That was something I did not want to do unless it was a last resort.  I am very active at the gym and I play tennis.  But my knees were causing a lot of pain. friend at the gym who was a patient of Anderson Goncalves said he helped him and I was willing to give anything a try to avoid surgery.
Dr. Anderson spent time with me to find out my problem areas which were my neck, middle back and knees.
He explained that some patients show immediate improvement.  I was not one of those.
After 3 treatments I noticed reduced pain in all areas but especially my knees.  Sessions were continued a gradually reduced in frequency but the knee pain has not returned and has made a huge difference in my activity and attitude.
This worked for me!
Bill Pempek
Coral Springs, FL
I wasn't a believer in acupuncture until I met with Anderson and tried everything under the sun for my low back pain. It only took 3 sessions for seeing improvements I've never experienced before.
I recommend his treatment for anyone suffering from pain.

Mary Martinez

Miami, FL

My eye doctor had me in mind for surgery until I started vision treatments with Dr. Anderson. My Intra-ocular pressure went from 22 down to 17, a normal range​
Vania Moreira
N. Lauderdale, FL
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