Our treatments are safe,
effective and natural.
No synthetic medication
or harsh drugs
Try our No-Tox facial  
and neck injections

AIT stands for acupoint Injection technique. In this procedure, homeopathic and natural compositions such as collagen, vitamins and minerals are injected into acupoints on the face, helping tone up the face by eliminating sagging skin .

Our intramuscular injections are safe, natural and effective. In addition to B12 shots, we offer Vitamin C and Glutathione and Lipostat shots.

       Benefits of B12 shot:

  • Metabolizes fat and carbs

  • Aids digestion & weight loss

  • Improves memory & focus

  •  Increases energy & oxygen carrying capacity of blood

  • It treats anxiety and depression

Acupuncture has been endorsed by the World Health Organization to treat a variety of health disorder. In the United States acupuncture is a medical procedure that shall be performed by a trained professional with at least a master degree in education. 

Dr. Anderson has earned a doctoral degree in Acupuncture in addition to 11 years of practical experience 

Functional medicine focus on a whole body approach as we look into the different systems such as endocrine, hormonal, immune, digestive, etc. We look into the Lab tests and it's subclinical findings as well as toxicological and genetic exams. Any underlining condition found will be addressed with science based nutraceuticals formulas and lifestyle changes.


As primary care providers, we order Laboratory tests as needed such as:

  • Routine & Preventive panel

  • Food intolerance panel

  • Genetic panel

  • Toxicology panel

If certain foods are making you sick, it can also be the underlining cause of inflammation, digestive disorders and weight gain.

We perform neuromuscular tests, employing kinesiology to detect and eliminate food allergies such as milk, eggs, grains, seafood, lactose, etc.

  • Ozone detoxifies the lymph system & improves circulation

  • Disperses toxicity

  • Energizes and clears brain fog

  • Burns fat and excess sugar

  • It's a powerful antifungal, anti bacterial and antiviral


Our weight loss programs are customized based on your current health state, diet and lifestyle. Imbalances of the body tend to cause digestive and metabolic disorders. Our programs consist of lab testing, injection therapy, detox, acupuncture and diet.

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